Greenscape Gallery

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The Master's Groundworks installed this project designed by Laurie.  The challenge was to solve drainage issues while keeping storm water on site using underground collection & filtration.
From the pool patio the simple perennial garden doesn't block the view of the pond along Nine Mile Creek.
The total package: We combined flagstone path, boulder wall and landscape plants to make an enjoyable living area. Designed by Laurie.
A Franklin Ave landmark, Ralph was asked how to make the wolf fit in. Native Little Bluestem gives year long beauty and a natural setting.
Extensive waterproofing and drainage went into this heavy clay site.  We installed the plants high so they would not drown.  Laurie designed the project, she also does the annual flowers each year.
West side of the backyard at Jeremiah Program in St Paul.
Newly transplanted perennials need a good watering.
A friendly courtyard area on Selby Ave in St Paul.