About Us

Improving the Environment, One Life at a Time

At The Master's Groundworks, we strive to improve the environment, our communities, and the lives of the people we serve. Ralph and Cheryl Endres began their landscaping business in 1998 with the goal of serving urban neighborhoods in the Minneapolis area. We have decades of experience in the industry, and are committed to the community and advancing the lives of the people in it. We want to improve our environment one life at a time.


We are based in south Minneapolis, and focus on hiring locally. We depend on the skilled workers from these neighborhoods to provide top-notch landscaping services while taking pride in their own surroundings. We also provide training to those who would otherwise go untaught, instilling lifelong skills in these fine workers. Our company has a solid reputation within the community for quality work and landscape expertise.

We believe in the value of the individual as well as the value of the work they do. When The Master's Groundworks takes on a project, we do more than complete a quality job. Lives are improved, spirits rise, hope is restored, and you have more than a beautiful landscape to enjoy.


Our commitment to the community encompasses these elements:

  • Providing purposeful employment

  • Supporting individual neighborhoods

  • Improving the quality of life in Twin Cities neighborhoods

  • Training for life growth and future support

  • Providing a sense of hope

  • Making the city beautiful for all to enjoy


Put us to work in your neighborhood! Contact us for complete information about the residential landscaping services of The Master's Groundworks. We will work for you.